A New Year’s Song, 1875

Happy new year!

I think about half of us are hoping for a better 2017 than 2016, and I personally have my fingers crossed that there’s a kind of yin/yang effect between 2016 and 2017, with a stream of the world’s baddies meeting the Grim Reaper this year instead. I’ve got a little list if he needs any help. Unfortunately the events of 2016 seem like merely the prelude for the full 2017 spectacle, but we’ll see.

Today’s post, in the spirit of hope, is a piece of ephemera, a Victorian New Year card, complete with song. These kind of cards were often pasted into scrapbooks at the time.

A New Year's Song card, 1875

A New Year’s Song card, 1875

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2 Responses

  1. Could it be to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers (written by Sullivan of G&S in 1871)?

  2. Estelle says:

    Oh yes, it could be. That would make my Mikado-influenced line above quite appropriate too.

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