Advice to Husbands, 1877

I like this Advice to Husbands, as published in the Manchester Courier in 1877. It seems to me to be hiding its essential compassion and wisdom underneath a veneer of curmudgeonly Mark Twain-style humour.

The Manchester Courier, 2nd July 1877

The Manchester Courier, 2nd July 1877


Never talk in your sleep unless you are sure what you are going to say.

Don’t be discontented. It is much easier to make your wife feel that way.

Never tell your wife she is a charming singer unless you happen to be deaf.

Don’t flatter yourself that you know more than your wife until you have got home from her funeral.

Don’t be too friendly with your prospective son-in-law. He may think you intend to live with him after he is married.

Don’t try and fool your wife about drinking unless you happen to marry an idiot. Then it isn’t worth while to do so.

Never tell your wife how much better some other woman dresses unless you have more money than you know what to do with.

Never boast to your wife about the value of your past experiences. Your mother-in-law may settle herself down on you next week.

Never find fault with the quality of your wife’s cooking. You may possibly drive her to join some cooking club, which would be much worse.





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