Advice to Wives, 1930

Some advice for wives from Mrs M. A. Dobbin Crawford who was, in 1930, the Honorary Assistant Surgeon at the Liverpool and Samaritan Hospitals for Women and the Liverpool Maternity Hospital. Full marks for her for marrying someone with “Dobbin” in their surname, and for her valuable work as a surgeon specialising in women’s health. But I’m not crazy about the marital advice.

Bath Chronicle, 27th December 1930

Bath Chronicle, 27th December 1930

Advice to Wives

“Never Criticise Your Husband to Anybody”

As given to a meeting of business girls in Liverpool on Wednesday by Mrs Dobbin Crawford, a Liverpool surgeon:

Never criticise your husband to anybody, not even to your own mother.

Be sympathetic and understanding.

Nothing destroys the happiness of married life more than the lazy, slovenly wife.

Encourage your husband to keep his friends. Don’t be jealous of them.

A marriage that is childless by arrangement is generally a disappointment.


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