Friday Fun – Are You Frustrated? 1940

Personality tests and analysis have been going from strength to strength since Carl Jung published “Personality Types” in 1921. And, as spoofed in Monty Python’s Papperbok, I remember religiously reading them in my teenage magazines and being slightly confused that the conclusions were pretty wide of the mark, as if I was deficient in some way from what the all seeing eye of the test proclaimed. I didn’t really consider it was just a journalist scribbling something together for a deadline. Today, if you’re on Facebook, you’re bombarded by the things, and they get more and more ridiculous. This post is inspired by the stupidest one I’ve seen, Which Classic Rock Band are You? As determined by what you like with your coffee and which sport you’re most interested in. (I’m Creedence Clearwater Revival). So, have a go at this one from PTO Magazine, February 1940, “Are You Frustrated?” And I hope for your sake you’re not a psychopath Type C. Although, frankly, there are no winners here.

PTO was a digest magazine of the month’s news from various outlets and this edition has a fantastically confident cover for wartime:

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