Phyllosan Fortifies the Over-Forties, 1946

As one of the “over-forties” myself, here’s a reminder that this age used to be considered as pretty much the start of your dotage. Special tablets were required to keep up your energy, and Phyllosan marketed itself directly to this demographic.

Phyllosan contained ferrous fumarate to help increase your iron intake, and vitamins B1, B2 and C. It appears to still be available (perhaps on prescription?) as I found an information leaflet for the drug online, dated 2011.

Gloucester Journal, 2nd November 1946

Gloucester Journal, 2nd November 1946

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  1. Phyllosan was persuasively advertised on TV in the 1960s using the same slogan. I remember my mum bought some – I don’t think it was on prescription. Pity you can’t still get it. Feel like I need it.

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