Beauty Hints, 1914

Beauty hints from 1914. I might try the “drying your face upwards” one, my creases could do with being smoothed out.

Rinsing your hair in cold water is still said to help promote shininess, but I haven’t heard the rainwater tip. I suppose I could go and fill a bucket from the rain butt to wash my hair but it’s a bit too much like doing a regular ice bucket challenge, especially at the time of year. Also, when my hair gets rained on it turns into a frizzball although maybe the soap would prevent that?

The Portsmouth Evening News, 14th November, 1914

The Portsmouth Evening News, 14th November, 1914


Beauty Hints

It is not generally known that washing the hair in rainwater and soft soap, and rinsing in cold water, makes the hair soft and silky.

Finger nails should always be cut the last thing at night. By the morning the cut portion will have hardened, and be unlikely to break or split.

When drying the face after washing, always rub upwards towards the nose. This helps to smooth out those creases on each side below the nose, and also prevents wrinkles. The eyes should be rubbed from the side of the face towards the nose.

Natural teeth, even when filled and preserved, are much better than artificial ones. Therefore visit your dentist once or twice yearly, and let him fill up any cavity that exists, and so arrest decay. When choosing a tooth-powder avoid any that contains gritty, acid or irritating substances. These not only act injudiciously on the enamel of the teeth, but are also bad for the gums.

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