Book Wishlist – “Dining with Debbie: A Magical Touch”

Okay, cards on the table (ha), I am a big fan of Paul Daniels. I loved his magic and variety show as a kid (everyone of a certain age remembers smoke-bubble-blowing-man, I’m sure). I had his magic books, I put on little magic shows for my parents, I watched Wizbit.

I love the Louis Theroux programme on Paul and Debbie McGee – you can tell they’re made for each other despite the cynicism when they got together:

So, the fact I can’t combine my love of cookery with my love of magic by getting hold of a copy of Debbie McGee’s dinner party book “Dine with Debbie: A Magical Touch” is maddening. It’s out of print and nowhere to be found!

To tide me over, I’m watching this clip of Debbie and one of the recipes. Sweet, appley, cheesey toast (cut into triangles if you’re entertaining, mind).

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  1. January 18, 2017

    […] realised that I never wrote¬†an update to my post on¬†looking for Debbie McGee’s cookbook, Dining with Debbie, a Magical Touch. I’d seen interviews promoting the book, but the book […]

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