Category: 1900-1949

Take the Blue Pill, 1938

“Titbits Book of Wrinkles” from 1938 is another one of my favourite type of book – the compendium of knowledge. “Wrinkles” in this book mean “tips” or, as in the (slightly annoying) word of...

Easter Eggsplained, 1938

Ever wonder how the date for Easter is worked out? Well, simply get a degree in maths and then use the below formula to easily find out the date for any given year:

Dames Don’t Fall Backwards

I’m in no way a crime fiction expert, for that you need my friend Dave’s site What are you reading forĀ ?Incidentally, it was this excellent post of his that inspired me to just bloody...

Friday Fun – Crosswires, 1935

The Crosswires game – this is quite a good one. I absolutely challenge you to do this right first time. From The Universal Book of Hobbies and Handicrafts, 1935 (Sid G. Hedges).

Gland Therapy, 1940

I love an old advert. The pictures, the phrasings, the products….you can often deduce a lot about the time period from very little information. Which is why is one of my favourite corners...