Cookery Advert, 1910

A beautiful old advert for cookers and pans, from the very excellent Mrs Dora Rea’s Cookery Book, 1910.

Incidentally, a descendant of Mrs Rea’s has been in touch to correct my joke about Dora Rea being almost unfortunately named. Because “Rea” is pronounced “Ray”, not “Rear”. I am chastened and also honoured, thank you, Karen! Karen has kindly provided more information about Mrs Rea’s life in the comments here –

*Holds back from making a “Dora, Rea, Me, Fah, Soh, Lah, Tee, Doh” joke*

*Also can’t think of one*

*Stops making jokes about Dora Rea’s name. Sorry*

Mrs Rea's Cookery Book

Mrs Rea’s Cookery Book

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