Ephemera – to keep or not to keep?

I might have mentioned it before, but Ebay ephemera (ideally 19th century to 1940s) is my new guilty pleasure. How much pleasure and interest these little scraps of paper, flimsy magazines and general oddities give me – and they’ve made me wonder about the modern day ephemera that surrounds us. I mean, I am not very interested in keeping a current bus timetable for the the bus I get to work every day. And yet, here’s a Leatherhead bus guide from 1920 that I love, despite never having been there.

I’m going to post all this stuff up eventually, just because, where else would all these bits and pieces be on the internet if not here? But what’s to be done with all the similar papery stuff that I happily chuck in the bin in the attempt to prevent my house appearing on one of those hoarding programmes where one old lady is living in a space 3 feet square, and the rest of the house is home to piles of newspapers and cat food tins? I think I might have to start a scrapbook for the interesting or notable things we’ve done or seen each year. Maybe one day my kids or just some guy on Virtual Reality Ebay will be interested…..

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