Feminist or Sexist? The Feminine Fix-It Handbook, 1972

The Feminine Fix-it Handbook, 1972

The Feminine Fix-it Handbook, 1972

Hmmmm. Tricky.

Kind of neither. And both.

Despite the slightly jaw-dropping language (can you even imagine a “traditional” DIY book requesting its male readers put on their hunkiest overalls before they begin?) it’s all very “Go, girl!” *fist pump*

I can see this book being aimed at Mary Tyler Moore, the Liver Birds, all those swinging 70s ladies living in flats and feeling pretty damned independent in a way that was quite new to most women. And who apparently had right tits as brothers in law.

It’s written well, very clear and informative, and I feel slightly shamed by the fact that I actually do need to know most of this stuff. I am rubbish at DIY, but then I am a woman and confused by electricity. And this despite the fact that many years ago I was actually a DIY buyer for a shopping channel.

(I was also the Erotica buyer as it happens, but that’s a story for another day).

And, well, frankly, I like this:


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