Ferry Cross the Mersey, 1932

A bit more from Motor Runs from Merseyside – published by the Liverpool Post in 1932 to capitalise on people starting to become car owners, with advice on places accessible within one or two days from Liverpool.

I found this section, with information on the tolls of the Mersey Ferries, fascinating. There’s a lot of measurements of vehicles involved – I wonder if they got a measuring stick out to check if your chassis was 12 feet or under. Sorry for the wobbly scanning, the old book just couldn’t take much bending.

I like the little map – you’d think nothing much has changed in 80 years looking at it. Except my adopted district, Norris Green, is yet to make it on the maps, being a newly built estate around this time. The library here is still in the 1930s Art Deco original building.

I have become slightly obsessed with charabancs since reading this, and having to look them up to see exactly what they were. An open-topped cross between a car and a bus, jammed full of people on a day trip, only safe because they went around 12 miles an hour by the looks of it.

Here’s a nice pic of Liverpool FC, in the 1920s, on their way to a match.
Liverpool FC in a charabanc, 1920s

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