Friday Fun – Jack and his Apples, 1922

From The Children’s Newspaper in 1922 comes a riddle:

Jack and His Apples
Jack was a very good natured boy and, meeting his younger brother just after he had purchased some apples, he gave his brother one third of the total number and one third of an apple. Jack then had one apple left. How many did he have in the first place?

The Children's Newspaper, 13th May 1922

The Children’s Newspaper, 13th May 1922

Any ideas? I have to say, I was foxed by this, and cursed the fact that the solution was only available in the next issue, which I don’t have.

So, hooray for finding another online archive! The Children’s Newspaper was amalgamated into Look and Learn magazine in 1965 and the Look and Learn site has put up archived issues of the paper here

So I found the answer in the next issue. It’s right at the bottom of the below image, so as not to spoiler the answer if you’re doing it….

20th May, 1922

20th May, 1922

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  1. Oh Estelle! It was obvious! He gave his brother two-thirds of an apple to begin with, and than gave him another third, so he must have had two. Most of the puzzles in Mee’s Children’s Encyclopedia are much more difficult.

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