Friday Fun – Rhubarb Charades, 1934

From Sid G. Hedges’ The Home Entertainer comes today’s game – “Rhubarb Charades”.

It’s quite an involved version of charades, where one team picks a famous person (in their example it’s Hitler) and then chooses further famous people whose names start with each letter of the original name. The team has to act out all the people in order, imitating them by only using the word “rhubarb”. It’s a nice idea but your impersonation skills would have to be pretty decent for the other team to not get fed up by the time you finally got to the main character.

It would be a good game for “Whose Line is it Anyway?” though.

The Home Entertainer, 1934

The Home Entertainer, 1934

Oh, look! It never fails to amaze me just how much is archived on the internet now. I’ve unexpectedly found the rather brilliant minutes dating from the 1945 meetings of Rothley Youth Club in Leicestershire

They certainly played a lot of games in their meetings. Not only “Rhubarb Charades” but also “Winking” as well. Maybe they had the same book as me?

Also, this bit!

Cor blimey!

Cor blimey!

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