Friday Fun – “Which is the boy for you?”, 1976

A quiz! From 1976 and the slightly Yewtree-tastic annual of Radio Luxembourg’s official magazine Fab 208.

A little insight into mid-70s teen dating. Although the girl who previously owned this book was a bit undecided about her choice of boy.

Which is the boy for you?

Fab208 Annual, 1976

Fab208 Annual, 1976

Fab208, 1976

Fab208, 1976

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4 Responses

  1. Tanya Jones says:

    I didn’t know Radio Luxembourg had a magazine at one point! Fascinating. Teen magazines from the 60s/70s depress me at times, as there’s such an emphasis on women being docile little wives. Our society still hasn’t come to terms with women having their own lives.

  2. Anne says:

    Ha Ha ! What a gem…Estelle ..the reason that the owner seems undecided is that at least three different people have actually done the quiz using different tick marks. Used to do it all the time at School in the 70’s. We even used to make our own quizzes up!! Love your site..just found it today

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