My Horrible Hands, 1939

Hand-shaming here in 1939 by Hinds Honey and Almond hand cream.

Daily Herald, 1st March 1939

Daily Herald, 1st March 1939

“I try to hide my horrible hands,” says a woman whose hands are dried out from the washing and housework at home. To be fair, washing laundry by hand is absolutely brutal on the skin.  It’s so bad that “No-one ever dances with me twice – I’m sure it’s my horrible hands that keep men away.”

A spot of Hinds Cream later, and she has “Honeymoon Hands”, whatever they are – does it mean hands as soft as the women who have managed to get married? Or have her new improved hands resulted in an immediate proposal?

Apparently Hinds is still a popular brand of hand cream in Mexico and Argentina, and now owned by GlaxoSmithKline. I don’t know if they still sell the Honey and Almond variety, though – analysis in 1917 by the American Medical Association showed that there was no honey in the formula at all, but that clearly hadn’t prevented them marketing it as such for at least the next 20 years.

It’s funny how this is pretty much the same basic premise as that of Fairy Liquid, which cut out the need to use hand cream (supposedly, although not actually in reality, in my experience) with their “Hands that do dishes can feel as soft as your face with mild green Fairy Liquid.” At least it didn’t go on about your horrible hands though, and it assumed the woman was already married. Hooray!

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2 Responses

  1. Two jokes pop into my head on mention of the Fairy ads, in which a tiny girl asks “Mummy, why are your hands so soft?”
    Answer 1: “Because Daddy does all the washing up.”
    Answer 2: “Because I’m only 15.”

  2. Estelle says:

    Ha! or in our house 3. Because we have a dishwasher.

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