Radio Luxembourg’s Hit Parade, 1976

Did you know that the early independent radio station Radio Luxembourg used to work out its own pop charts? Wanting to stay ahead of the game, they’d base their chart on what they thought was shortly going to be popular rather than the usual one based on actual record sales. I wonder if they ever got it terribly wrong?

I’m pleased to see David Essex is happy, there –

Fab 208 annual, 1976

Fab 208 annual, 1976

Also, 1970s Noël Edmonds. “Oh no, it’s a picture of me looking slightly different!”


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2 Responses

  1. Wiesiek says:

    Back in the early sixties RL Top Twenty was based on NME’s Top Thirty and broadcast every Sunday night at 11. What you are calling “the early RL’s” should rather be called “the late RL”. Regards, W

  2. Estelle says:

    Thank you, Wiesek, interesting! I rather meant RL itself was an example of an early independent radio station, but I take your point.

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