Vintage Recipe – The Savoy’s Christmas Pudding, 1925

If you fancy making a Christmas Pudding with a real vintage pedigree, here it is, a recipe from the Savoy in 1925. It might be too late to make a proper Christmas Cake, but it’s never too late to make a pudding – as long as you have 10 hours boiling time to spare.

Good luck finding both the specified large and small raisins.

27th November 1925, Ballymena Observer

27th November 1925, Ballymena Observer

A Christmas Pudding Recipe

The Chef of the Savoy Restaurant has been persuaded to reveal another of his famous recipes.

Although not quite so elaborate as that of the puddings he makes himself, it is of a fine, rich flavour, and simple to make.

He was kind enough to write it out for me, and here it is. It is a recipe for a seven-pound pudding.

Twelve ounces of large raisins, twelve ounces of small raisins, twelve ounces of currants, twelve ounces of crystalized peel, four ounces of chopped apple, one ounce of orange peel, one ounce of citron peel, two ounces of crystalized ginger, twelve ounces of suet, nine ounces of flour, ten ounces of bread crumbs, eight ounces of brown sugar, one teaspoonful of salt, six eggs, half a pint of milk, quarter of a pint of brandy or sherry.

All the dry ingredients should be mixed together. A little extra mixing well repays the trouble, he says. Beat the eggs and add them to the milk and brandy, then pour over the dry ingredients and again thoroughly mix. Pack into greased moulds and boil for six hours at the time of making. The puddings should be boiled for a further four hours when wanted for use. The best sauce is white, custard or brandy sauce.

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