Vintage Recipe – Blackcurrant Tea, 1910

I remember reading about blackcurrant tea in old children’s books when I was a kid. I really wished that I could try it myself, it sounded so delicious. It was most famously a favourite of Enid Blyton’s The Secret Seven, but despite what they seem to imply it wasn’t invented by them.

Here’s a 1910 recipe from “Mrs Rea’s Cookery Book” that I have tried:

Blackcurrant tea

3 tablespoons Blackcurrant jam
1 tablespoon sugar
Boiling water to make the whole 1 pint

Stir well, pressing the fruit.
Let it stand 1/2 hour before using any.
Strain off the liquid as required.

It comes under the heading of invalid cookery, but was also a children’s nursery drink for a treat. The taste – well, Blackcurrant cordial really. My small son is a fan, although he forgets what it’s called and asks me if he can have some of that lovely raspberry coffee.

Blackcurrant tea

Blackcurrant tea

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