Victorian Slang of the week – We are the Dickeymen

Oh, The Slang Dictionary. I have so much to post from this Victorian beauty. It’s pretty much an 1865 version of Viz’s Profanisaurus with insults and phrases galore. The Victorians really had a way with words.


Definition of “Tootsies” below. Ha!


I’ve been in Liverpool for 21 years and, until I read this, I’d never heard the term “Dickey Sam” to mean Scouser, but it seems it was the common term up until mid last century –


Nb. “Look, the bulky is dicking!” [no comment]

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  1. August 25, 2014

    […] the Second World War. I’ve previously posted about one Victorian nickname – Dickey Sam Here is (almost) the much better known one – “Liverpudlin”. But I can’t […]

  2. May 2, 2015

    […] down hardtack – the sailors weevil-busting biscuit. (Well, that’s if the “Dicky Sams” weren’t using the hardtack to make […]

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