Freddie Mercury’s Girlfriends, 1976

These are the last bits here that I’m going to post from Radio Luxembourg’s official magazine annual, Fab 208, from 1976.


Incidentally, this was a present in about 1996 from my friend Neil, as you can see below, at one of our crazy student Christmas meals. Due to timey-wimey things, the book is nearly exactly twice as old as it was when I first got it. It seemed so funny and ancient at the time, and the fact that nearly as much time again has passed just seems impossible. Horrible thought – do current teenagers see the 1990s as funny and ancient right now? I suppose they must.

Here they ask Freddie Mercury about what type of girlfriends he likes. He’s obviously totally messing with them with his answer of Liza Minnelli and “…I enjoy a challenge as well!” Here, though, I’m mainly looking at lovely Richard O’Sullivan’s lovely face.

Fab 208, 1976

Fab 208, 1976

I like the incredulous, “what does he look like?” tone about this 1972 picture of Eric (my fave) from the Bay City Rollers, when he looks perfectly fine. It reminds me of 1970s Bob in Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads taking the mickey out of what appears to us as Terry’s much more sensible haircut.

Fab208 Annual, 1976

Fab208 Annual, 1976

Plus, aw, Alvin Stardust. RIP, glove-meister. And thanks for this:


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2 Responses

  1. David Bishop says:

    Great post! I’m often thinking about that whole ‘passage of time’ thing, especially interesting when you start making comparisons. For someone who is 20 today – so born in 1994 – the first Beatles album is as remote to them as the Second World War is to me. To my kids, Britpop is the equivalent of 50s rock’n’roll to me – an amazing thought. And to my youngest kid the year I was born – 1974 – is the same as the late 1930s for me, which feels a ridiculously long time ago.

    • Estelle says:

      I know! Here at the university, the current first year students were born in 1996. Which is so unbelievable to me that it just seems actually wrong and impossible.

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